A Sunday I’ll Never Forget with BJ Boyce

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As Saturday evening approached, it had settled in that Paul Broadhurst and I had made the Pro-Junior cut. I would be playing in Sunday’s Final Round of the Pure Insurance Championship!

We had an 8:37am tee time off Hole 1 with Kirk Triplett and his junior participant, Sam Soomerhauser.

I was SUPER EXCITED but also very NERVOUS!

After the first few hole, I was able to settle in, relax a little bit and had a chip in from the hazard on Hole 4. After watching the ball roll into the hole like a perfect putt, I had a sudden surge of relief… the lid had been pulled off the hole!

I settled into my round and made a handful of pars, chapped off by a Birdie on Hole 15 – saving our Pro-Junior Team two strokes as my pro had bogeyed the hole.

On Hole 17, a par three, I had pushed my tee shot almost onto 18 tee box, executed a great shot from a terrible place, still rolling over the green, and then, chipped in to save par.

It was an awesome feeling to hear the crowd cheer for me after the ball went in. At that very moment, I felt like I was a tour pro and gave them a little wave like I’ve seen the pros do.

Coming up the 18th fairway was surreal. Seeing all of the people int he bleachers cheering while I’m standing in the fairway on the greatest course I’ve ever played. Then, hearing my fellow participant, Drew Spurlock screaming after they announced my name… It was AWESOME!

As a team, Paul and I carded a final round 64. Placing us tied for 3rd overall in the Pro-Junior Division. A finish, and experience, I’m not sure I could have dreamed up!

Post round, I wrote some thank you cards to people who had a key role in making this event and experience possible. Then, joined the other juniors on 18 green to cheer on the final groups.

After the trophy ceremony, they lined us up so we could get our banner with our name and our pros caddie bib!

It was very bitter sweet for the week to be coming to a close.I have been dreaming, waiting and working towards this experience for so long, I had so much fun meeting and hanging out with fellow junior participants, and as it comes to a close, I’m a bit devastated.

But, I quickly reminded myself I have an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience to look back on and I will never forget a second of it!

Monday morning I woke up and it all felt like some big dream that I’ll never ever forget.

Thank you for following along in our experience, and your support of First Tee!

2 responses to “A Sunday I’ll Never Forget with BJ Boyce

  1. Hi BJ
    Ted and I watched it all on TV. We knew you would do fantastic. To end up in third place is like you said..a dream come true!! Ted and I reminised about what we were doing at 16…believe me it was not even close to what you have done in your short 16 years here on Earth. You are a remarkable young man we are so happy to know. Thank you for these great memories you have shared with all of us this year. We are already hungry for some more!! So congratulations to you and your family, especially your mom and dad. I know they have sacrificed to get you where you are today. But now they reap the reward of having a son who has all the potential to become a PGA star! Hugs!
    Sandy Hanson

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