April 16 Spotlight: Olivia & Andrew Graham

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To continue our spotlight on Military Families, we bring you two (2) of the most social kids we have in programs. They not only have never met a participant they couldn’t talk to, they actively recruit their friends to join them at The First Tee.

Olivia and Andrew Graham first exposure to The First Tee was during a Summer STEM Camp at Gates Four Golf and CC. Since then they’ve participated in every session – two years’ worth – show up with smiles on their faces, and are always ready to have fun.

When asked their favorite thing about attending programs at The First Tee, Olivia is quick to say she loves the coaches and getting to play with their friends, like her brother, Andrew.

The Graham Children, Olivia now in 3rd grade and Andrew 2nd grade, have lived in five (5) different states, meaning they’ve had five (5) chances to make new friends and share their fun-loving personalities.

We sat down for a Quick 9 with Olivia and Andrew. Here’s what we found out…

What is your favorite hobby?

Olivia: Art

Andrew: Putting rocks in my rock tumbler

What is your favorite thing about growing up in a military family?

Olivia: We have friends in lots of states we can visit

Andrew: Moving to new houses and states

What sports do you like other than golf?

Olivia: Basketball and gymnastics

Andrew: Basketball and soccer

What is your dream job?

Olivia: Veterinarian

Andrew: To be an artist

Who is your hero? Why?

Olivia: My dad.  He helps people by being in the Army.

Andrew: My dad

What is your favorite thing about your sibling?

Olivia: He’s fun to play with and always happy

Andrew: She’s really funny and makes me laugh

Tell us something fun about you people do not know?

Olivia: I have lived in 5 states

Andrew: I’m a wolf scout with cub scouts

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Olivia: Hawaii

Andrew: Washington, so we could be by our family

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