April 30 Spotlight: The Park Brothers

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For our last Month of the Military Child Family, we bring you the Park Brothers. This trio is one of our most dedicated and active families we have. While the boys are all very respectful, willing to learn, and show tremendous sportsmanship, their personalities are about as different as you could get! We hope you enjoy reading about them.
Samuel, or Sam, (Pictured Middle) is the oldest of the group. He is a Sophomore at Union Pines High School and a Birdie Level Participant. Sam not only participates in curriculum classes on Saturday, but volunteers his time with the Par Class that takes place immediately before his class.
Daniel, or Dan, (Pictured Left) is the middle child, and is currently in 8th Grade at New Century Middle School and is also a Birdie Level Participant. Dan also swims competitively and loves participating in anything that is a competition.
David, or Big D, (Pictured Right attempting to be taller), is in 4th Grade at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary and is a Par Level Participant. While David does really well hitting a golf ball, he is a baseball enthusiast that brings all of his baseball tendencies to his golf swing!
We sat down for a Quick 9 with Samuel, Daniel and David. Here what we found out!
Hole 1: What is your favorite thing about The First Tee?
Samuel: My favorite thing about The First Tee, is that it not only teaches you golf skills, but it also teaches you Life Skills.
David: Aiming Practice
Hole 2: What is your favorite hobby?

Samuel: I love to play baseball.

Daniel: All team games that involve teams and other people (team sports)

David: Baseball

Hole 3: What is your favorite thing about growing up in a military family?

Samuel: Meeting new people and going to new places

Daniel: My favorite this is seeing new places and people

David: Get to travel to different places.

Hole 4: What was your favorite place you’ve lived?

Samuel: My favorite place that I lived was Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

Daniel: Ft. Leavenworth, KS

David: Korea

Hole 5: What sports do you like other than golf?

Samuel: Swimming and running, and used to play baseball

Daniel: I also swim competitively

David: Basketball and Baseball

Hole 6: What is your dream job?

Samuel: To be a dentist

Daniel: I do not have a dream job yet, but I hope in high school I’ll find one.

David: Major League Baseball Star

Hole 7: Who is your hero?

Samuel: My dad

Daniel: My dad because he’s taught me how to prepare for the future.

David: My Dad, he sacrifices in war to save people

Hole 8: What is your favorite thing about your siblings?

Samuel: They’re also active, so we tend to play outside by playing sports such as baseball

Daniel: How jokingly we act to each other.

David: The play monopoly with me.

Hole 9: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Samuel:  If I were to live anywhere in the world it would still be the US, because there is no other country in the world that gives us the right to live freely

Daniel: I would want to live in Europe where there is lots of wildlife.

David: Nigeria, I would like to explore and meet other people, and have lots of fun!

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