BJ’s take on Day 2: A Walk to Remember

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I woke up this morning filled with an anxious and restless mind.


After months of waiting, anticipating, preparing, I was going to play the beautiful Pebble Beach Golf Links!

And, even better, Paul Broadhurst would be with us for our practice round!

After breakfast we all headed over to the practice area, where I worked to get acclimated to the green speed and how they reacted to pitch shots. Trying to prepare myself in advance for what to expect on course.







As I strolled to the first tee, it truly felt like a DREAM. Knowing many greats have made that same walk…. what a feeling!!!

Throughout the day, the views on Pebble Beach Golf Links were breathtaking. TV coverage is wonderful but you have to see it in person to truly appreciate the surroundings.

Our practice round was one to remember. Having Mr. Broadhurst and his caddie, Siggy, in our pairing, was a massive help. They guided us in where to hit the ball, how the greens rolled, all the little nuances. There insight truly made me feel I was prepared to be here at the Pure Insurance Championship.

Post round, we made a quick turnaround to get ready to this evening’s marquee event – Legends and Leaders. It’s a dinner reception for players, juniors, and the amateurs with a 9 Core Value Speaker series throughout the evening.

While all the speakers shared impactful stories on their Core Value of relevance, Valentino Dixon‘s story about how he used art to pull himself out of his dark state, how it helped him get out of prison by raising awareness for his innocence… that my impactful moment of the evening!

From my walk to remember on Pebble Beach Golf Links to meeting awesome people at Legends and Leaders – Wednesday at the Pure Insurance Championship was another experience of a lifetime!


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