July 9 Participant Spotlight: Asher Bragg

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Kids join The First Tee for multiple reasons. Some join after being introduced to the game by a family member, a few join with a friend, and others join just to try it out!

About five years ago, Asher Bragg, a rising 7th grader at New Century Middle School joined just to give it a try. Since his first season, very few seasons have passed without his name being on the roster. While at The First Tee classes, Asher has made several good friends and enjoyed learning the game of golf.

We set down with Asher for a Quick 9 to find out more about him!

Hole 1: Why did you decide to join The First Tee five years ago? It was my first time trying golf at my mom’s suggestion. After I tried it out, I enjoyed it, and have been coming ever since.

Hole 2: What is your favorite thing about The First Tee? The opportunity to make new friends. I’ve really met some great people I enjoy hanging around.

Hole 3: What is your favorite school subject? Science. Biology specifically. I’m excited to start getting to study it in school this year!

Hole 4: What is the most interesting thing you can recall from your studies? How complex golf is and how much I’ve learned from it. (Asher first mentioned the complexity of human cells, but I think he thought I was lost in the conversation.)

Hole 5: What is your favorite hobby or sport? Probably golf. I’ll classify it as both. Doing golf every week is awesome.

Hole 6: What is your dream job? A Lawyer, maybe a defense attorney, but I’m looking more into what other options there are, as well.

Hole 7: Who is your hero? My dad. I really look up to him. His opinion really matters to me.

Hole 8: Tell us something fun about you people do not know? It’s a talent of mine to keep a really good record and keep good grades in school. I’ve been really good at doing that.

Hole 9: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Here. I really love it here. What do you like about here? It’s nice and close to the beach. Really green everywhere you go. A lot of nice people. Really everything about.

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