June 11 Participant Spotlight: Aubriana Bishop

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Ambitious is the perfect word to describe Aubriana Bishop, better knowing as Aubri. She sets her goals high and works hard to reach them, successfully.

And, she’s moving her way up the ladder at Union Pines High School. A 16 yr old rising Senior, she is already learning what it takes to be a great leader.  Aubri was accepted to travel to Idaho this summer to attend the Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. Life Skills and Leadership Academy. Check out the event press release here. 

We sat talked with Aubri for a quick 9 and this is what we found!

Hole 1: How did you get into golf?  It’s actually a funny story! I played tennis my freshman year of High School and, if we’re being honest, I was not the best player, so I ended up getting pressured off of the team. One day a previous coach mentioned golf to me and suggested I give it a shot. So, I did and I am glad I did because I love golf now!

Hole 2: What is your favorite golf course? I love to play at Knollwood Golf Course! It may be a 9 Hole Course, but it’s my favorite to go play at!

Hole 3: What do you want to do when you get older? I want to do something with Genomic science, or genetic engineering. (Macey, our interviewer responded: When she told me this I was amazed and could only respond with “wow you must be so smart” and she came back with the best answer “No I’m just more ambitious.”)

Hole 4: What is a fun fact about you? I have a twin brother. I’ve had a best friend since birth! Also, I love to make sculptures. It is fun to make and then hand them out to my friends and family. It is a very relaxing process for me.

Hole 5: Favorite Core Value from The First Tee? What is your favorite thing about The First Tee? My favorite Core Value has to be Confidence. Freshman year of high school my confidence was extremely low. The First Tee helped me grow as a person and as a golfer and it also made me gain a lot of trust in myself while building my confidence. At The First Tee I love all of my coaches and all of the people I am surrounded by. They help make me better by offering their different opinions that could help and they all just work well together. I have met so many great people throughout The First Tee. I am glad to have made some great friends along the way.

Hole 6: What is your favorite hobby? I love Art – it is my outlet! 

Hole 7: Do you plan to take your game to the next level? College plans? If possible, yes! I am wanting to start off by playing at a junior college in the area and then when I transfer to a University, have the opportunity to continue playing. If I don’t get to keep playing while I am in school, I plan to always play for fun!

Hole 8 : If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I would probably pick California! I have been there once before and the people there were so crazy but they were also so cool. I loved it there and would love to go back!

Hole 9 : Are you excited for your National Opportunity? How did you get this? What do you get to do while you are there? Yes!! I am so excited for this opportunity! My coach Matthew had encouraged me to sign up for it. This was the only option that I could have done because of my busy schedule and it sounded so cool. So I went through a long but and not too hard process and finally got accepted for it! I was so happy! We are going to get to golf a lot, and hopefully get to go to the zoo also! We are staying in the university dorms and the zoo is right across the street so my fingers are crossed for that. We will be going through seminars and hands on experiences to learn great leadership skills!


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