June 25 Participant Spotlight: Greyson Lowen

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He’s a ‘lefty’ full of enthusiasm and big dreams! As he is just getting into golf, he looks to continually improve his skills as he’s hoping to compete and win some tournaments, in the future. 

I, Mason Scott (aka. Summer Intern), had the opportunity to speak with Greyson about golf, life and even some out of this world! (Literally!!) career dreams. Check out our Quick 9 below to learn more! 

Hole 1: Do you have a nickname? Yes, actually a few. At golf I am called G-Money which is my favorite nickname. Coach John (Wainwright at Longleaf Golf Club) gave me that nickname.

Hole 2: When did you first get into golf? I started playing last year!

Hole 3: What is your favorite Core Value? I like Sportsmanship. I just like being nice to people after we play and making friends. 

Hole 4: Favorite First Tee Activity? I really liked hitting the rubber ducks out of the bunker, and singing I Believe I Can Fly as they flew through the air. (He informed me he’s very confident out of the bunker, but still working on those tricky shots out of wet sand.)

Hole 5: Favorite Activity when you’re not playing golf? I really like to play Roblox. You can talk with friends, make new ones and also build things, sometimes. The game has over 100 million players. (His dad, Brian, made it clear that Greyson would play Roblox 24/7 if they let him!) 

Hole 6: Do you have a favorite golf course, of the ones you have played? I would say Blackwolf Run Golf Club in Wisconsin was one of my favorites. I also got to play a few holes at Whistling Straits! It was really cold and windy. (The picture shows just how many layers he had to wear!)

Hole 7: If you could live or travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Probably Australia. I really like how they talk over there, and how they say “mate” after everything. 

Hole 8: If you could have any superpower what would it be? I would have all of the powers. I would use them to help people around the world.

Hole 9: What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an astronaut! I actually want to be the first person to go to Mars. I am really fascinated with space and have over 30 episodes of How the Universe Works recorded. The Martian is my favorite movie and I have watched it a bunch of times.

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  1. G-Money is a great kid I’m a good friend of his dad and he plays with us sometimes. He likes to turn your cart off when you’re not watching then giggle like crazy when you hit the gas and nothing happens!

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