May 14 Spotlight: Addison Bidoli

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Have you ever met someone who never leaves the golf course, or at least that’s how it feels? If  not, this young lady will be your first introduction.


Addison Bidoli, a Par Level Participant, and 4th Grader at E. Melvin Honeycutt Elementary in Fayetteville, seems to enjoy everything about the golf course! She loves the competition, the fun, the friends, and the challenge of improving. Four years into attending programs at The First Tee of the Sandhills, it shows!


While she enjoys The First Tee, Addison has also gotten involved in Junior Tournaments, Drive Chip & Putt, and PGA Junior League. Addison is an example of how a young adult who has gotten ‘the golf bug’ can use multiple avenues within the sport to improve her skills, meet new friends, and foster her love for the game.


We sat down for a Quick 9 with Addison. Here what we found out!


Hole 1: Do you have a nickname? Yes! Addy.

Hole 2: What is your favorite thing about The First Tee? I like that you don’t just practice golf every week. We work on Integrity, and other Core Values, to help us on and off the golf course.


Hole 3: What is your favorite hobby? Golf and Drawing.


Hole 4: How old were you when you played in your first golf tournament? And how many have you played in to date? I was 9 Years Old at my first tournament and I’ve played in about 15, now! (Addison is 10 years old!)


Hole 5: Do you have a favorite golf course? Yes! Gates Four Golf & CC.


Hole 6: Do you have a dream career? I would love to compete as a golfer or be a Zoologist!


Hole 7: Who is your hero? My dog, Ted, was. He passed away last year and had been there my whole life.

Hole 8: Tell us something fun people don’t know about you? I participated in the Battle of the Books this year and placed 1st in the first competition and 4th in the second.


Hole 9: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? The Great Smokey Mountains. In a cabin with a lake nearby.


3 responses to “May 14 Spotlight: Addison Bidoli

  1. This is my beautiful and talented granddaughter. She is such a delight and wonderful child. I love her so much. Congrats Addison. Keep achieving great things💓💓

  2. Addison, you shine not only in the classroom, but in many other activities as well. You are a great role model for other young children. Continue being an inspiration to those around you!

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