May 28 Spotlight: Owen Baker

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Have you ever met a kid that is always smiling? If not, go introduce yourself to our participant of the week Owen Baker.


Owen is courteous to others, always caught doing the right thing, and quietly competitive. He’s already competed in 2 golf tournaments this year, and is getting geared up to play several TYGA Tots Events this summer.


Owen is a yellow belt in karate at Goshin Dojo in Seven Lakes and is an excellent student at West End Elementary School.


We sat down for a Quick 9 with Owen. Here what we found out!

Hole 1: Do you have a Nickname? Yes, O!

Hole 2: What is your favorite thing about The First Tee? I’ve been in The First Tee for two years and my favorite thing is playing the activities the coaches set up for class.

Hole 3: Tell Us about your tournament golf experience! I played in my first tournament at seven years old and have now played in 9 tournaments!

Hole 4: What do you like most about tournament golf? That it tests your abilities.

Hole 5: Is there a favorite golf course you’ve played? Yes! The Country Club of North Carolina (CCNC). Because, my sister and I won our PGA Jr. League match there. The greens are really fast and smooth.

Hole 6: What’s your favorite hobby? Watching TABS videos. (Ok, we Google’d this and Google says TABS is an Acronym for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Hopefully it’s right!)

Hole 7: Do you have a dream career? Yes, I want to be a YouTuber.

Hole 8: Tell us something fun people don’t know about you. I’ve lived in The Philippines and Chicago.

Hole 9: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Well, I really like our home here in 7 Lakes.

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