Stem & Golf Camp | march 16 – 20 | Legacy Golf Links | 8:30am – 11:30am


Open to: Participants Age 7 & Up. Depending on Camp location, Maximum is set between 18 – 24 participants with a 4 to 1 Participant to Coach Ratio. Participants will be broken into Age Appropriate Small Groups, ie. a 7 yr old and 12 year old would be in separate small groups!

Time of Day: Parents will have a :30 minute flex window before and after class for drop off and pick up. All participants are asked to be in attendance by 8:30am and not picked up prior to 11:30am. When registering for this camp, please ensure your child is available to attend all five day as each day builds on the next. Thank you!

STEM Activity: Each Day, we will focus on a different STEM activity that is related in the game of golf. Whether it’s pollution, course architecture, course maintenance, club building, or tracking statistics, we focus on creating activities that allow kids to see golf from several different STEM related points of view.

Golf Activity: Each Day, the golf activities are created to tie to the STEM Activity. The day the kids talk about architecture and design, we will have them build their own putting course from scaled drawings to completed putting course. When we talk about course maintenance, we will have the kids hit different shots from different grass types (Rough, Fairway, and Green) to see how these effect the golf ball. During these classes, the kids will also play some of our classic games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, 21 Chipping, or Animal Full Swings.

Cost: $100 (Scholarships available on an as needed basis)

STEM & Golf Camp is available to participants age 7 & up. All equipment and supplies will be provided by First Tee. Participants will be asked to bring a full water bottle and one snack.