Round One with Michael Bradley

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The day had arrived! We were up early to get ready for Round One of the Pure Insurance Championship. I have waited for this moment a very long time.

While my dad has been my official chaperone all week, today he handed duties to my mom and she was able to enjoy player dining breakfast with me. Post breakfast, we took a shuttle over to Poppy Hills to warm up for our early tee time off the 10th Tee.

I was extremely nervous. I feeling you truly can’t prepare for.

Once I settled into the day, I was able to make a few pars and birdies. A good feeling of achievement after the emotional start to the day!

Michael Bradley was extremely kind to me the whole round, he kept the conversation going and he really helped me feel more comfortable playing in this atmosphere. In addition, our amateurs were a lot of fun to play with and really lightened the whole mood of our group.

Post round, I had the chance to ride back to Pebble Beach with Mr. Bradley. We had lunch together and headed to the practice area. He helped me for a bit at the practice facility, truly a kind gesture and special experience!

Later, my dad came over to the practice facility as we prepared for what was going to be a very windy second day over at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Friday night our special event was a Jake Owen concert behind the 18th Green of Pebble Beach GL. That was a TON of fun! The food was awesome and it was really fun to hang out with all the friends I had made this week. Towards the end of the night, I ended up getting a guitar pick that Jake had used in the concert. What a cool souvenir!

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