Happy Spring from First Tee!

We’ve put together a group of no golf clubs needed activities for your five and six year olds to enjoy at home! Each of these is outlined below. In some cases you will just need supplies around your house, in others you will need to print the download provided. Our junior helpers have also put together some video clips for your child to enjoy before starting a few of the activities.


What’s in your Digital Bag? Intro Video

Activity 1: Paper Plate Frisbee Golf


Key Instructions:

  • Find two (2) Paper Plates around your house.
  • Cut a Circle out of the middle of both plates.
  • Decorate the ‘outside’ edges of the plates.
  • Attach the plates ‘inside’ edges using a Heavy Tape.
  • Build a Hole! or 2, or more!! Get creative! Use paper towel rolls, cones, hula hoops, empty buckets or even a tree as your target!  Don’t forget a tee box! Every hole has a start and finish!
  • Keep score by creating your own scorecard from our template or print the scorecard HERE.

Activity 2: Decorate a Golf “Egg”


  • Find a white golf ball, or two, around your house.
  • Find art supplies available and prep area appropriately.
  • Be creative! Use lines and patterns; color the ridges to make polka-dots or flowers.
  • Take a picture with your finished Golf Egg and e-mail it to us!

activity 3: FUN Fitness Log

We all need hourly brain breaks and wiggle sessions, so, why not incorporate goals, challenges and make them more fun! We’ve put together a list of activities you can do throughout the day whether you’re inside or out. Encourage family members to join in. Hey, you can even make it a family competition! The activity log gives you the chance to create a goal for each exercise. Remember, you don’t have to reach your goal in one attempt, add to your total all day long. Then, use the blank template to pick your favorite activities from each bucket for a personalized Fitness Log!

Click Here to View Intro Video

CLICK HERE to download Fitness Plan Descriptor

CLICK HERE to download Fitness Log

activity 4: Golf Coloring Sheets

For our first activity bag, we pre-printed the Golfing Minion and Mickey Mouse. We are providing you all 7 sheets to print and color as you would like. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to download sheets.

activity 5: Core Values Matching Memory Game

Print the game on paper and allow your child to cut it out OR use this as a template for them to practice their writing and make their own cards. Either way, learning the Nine Core Values now will make a difference when they are ready to ‘move up’ to PLAYer programs at First Tee of the Sandhills!

CLICK HERE to download game.

activity 6: It’s a Race! Scavenger Hunt

Can you find these items in your house? Start a timer, collect items in one place and take your picture with all items found! (Tip: Don’t have the item? Get creative! Make it, color it, be it!) Email us the picture and time … Fastest time earns a prize!

CLICK HERE to download scavenger hunt.