Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

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I’ve been blown away in recent weeks by the community members who’ve stepped in to support our mission. I’d like to share with you how those small investments are impacting the puzzle pieces within our organization.

About two weeks ago, while sitting in Bob Farren’s office, Director of Golf Course and Ground Management at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, I dropped a question.

Are you familiar with the ‘old’ golf green space in the field behind the Campbell House building in Southern Pines?

His response, “Absolutely, it was there twenty years ago when my daughter was in elementary school. What are you thinking?”

Well, Coach Rita and our volunteers, run a fast paced, high energy TARGET program on Thursday’s for 5 & 6 year olds in that field. We would love to figure out how to expose those kids to a more realistic putting and chipping experience without having to transfer them to the golf course.

I left Mr. Farren to think about the idea. Less than a week later, here comes a text message. It’s a picture of the green mowed down with two oversized, kid friendly, cups installed and pin flags in place.

Step one to transitioning the overgrown grassy space to a more realistic, kid friendly, golf experience.

Mr. Farren’s support reminded me of a line by Mother Teresa, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

Then, last week, an email from Golf Pride.

First, the back story – a month ago we’d put the word out we’re in need of a few desks. One for an existing employee who really needed more work space and storage, the other for a new incoming employee.

The email, “Courtney, we’ve found two desks that meet your dimension needs, we’ve cleaned them up and have employees ready to help move them on Thursday!”

What a relief. We would be able to keep our donor dollars focused on the kids and utilize the resources of our community to improve the office functionality.

A little humor about the transfer – sometimes moving furniture can be like shoving a square peg in a round hole. Ten Golf Pride employees later, we figured out how to get the furniture through their office doors and assembled into three vehicles. Nothing like a little afternoon exercise in your suit!

Finally, just this week, a volunteer schedule emergency came up.

Our programs are growing in Fayetteville, on Wednesday nights we have 25 kiddos participating at Gates Four Golf and Country Club.

Our volunteers for the spring program have consisted of three amazing PGM Students from Methodist University. But, they are headed out for internships next week – and we’ve got two more weeks of spring programs and no volunteers! Ekk!

At 3:22pm on Wednesday, I emailed two Fayetteville supporters – our newest Board Member, Stuart Augustine, and a local business owner, Thomas Owen – both love kids and golf.

My note, “Could you help us rally the troops for a one time volunteer need in May?”

At 3:46pm, the response, “We will cover these!”

My response? “Y’all are a blessing.”

Teamwork truly makes the dream work.

As a non-profit organization, our goals and dreams will not be achieved by relying on staff, alone.

As John Maxwell says, “Only by working in a team will you fulfill your dreams.”

By channeling efforts, talents and resources of other people, we can succeed faster and more effectively.

We are thankful for those that continue to come into the fold and enthusiastically support the mission. Together, we are growing good kids through golf!



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