The First Tee of the Sandhills Delves into the Meaning of Respect

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Week one of spring programs is officially in the books.

With our recent wet springs, we decided to kick off a week early, giving some wiggle room for possible make up dates. And thanks to a little luck from Mother Nature, the prior week’s yucky-ness subsided for a beautiful kick off week in the Sandhills.

For the 110, or so kiddos, that attended PLAYer level programs, they kicked things off with a big ‘word of the week’ – Respect.

Respect for Yourself. Respect for Others. Respect for our Surroundings – the golf course, our home, classroom, everywhere we live.

But first, let me take a pause to provide you a snapshot. The overarching focus for participants in PLAYer level programs is to introduce playing the game of golf with special emphasis on learning The First Tee Code of Conduct, Core Values, Golf Skills and Healthy Habits – all while appreciating the etiquette and rules of the game.

So when kiddos show up for that week’s ninety minute program, we leap frog right into all areas of focus.

They play, they learn, they begin to appreciate, and they are encouraged to reflect on the activities of the day and its application to tomorrow.

Back to Week One.

Participants didn’t just learn the definition of Respect. They talked about it, broke it down, explored what it means, and figured out how they can show respect and apply it to future situations.

Throughout class, kiddos were tasked with providing examples to one another on how they already show Respect and based off of what they learned, how they can begin to show Respect.

Whether it be speaking to each other in a respectful manner or taking care of their golf clubs and equipment that they just ‘checked out’ for the next two months.

And don’t worry. There was plenty of FUN to be had.

Be it when they tried to conquer their balance in a Superman pose during warm ups, be the first kiddo to get to 21 points in a chipping game, or take off running down the first fairway to find the 200 yard marker while they were learning about the parts of the course.

We are successful when these kiddos leave for the day having seamlessly learned a Core Value, a Golf Skill and Healthy Habit – all while having FUN!

Next week, we will build on Showing Respect to talk about Courtesy Towards Others. An appropriate progression in skills.

Now, the real question for you is this: Are you able to show Respect and Courtesy to your friends and foes when the final point of your upcoming interclub match comes down to the last hole?

Win or Lose, how will you handle the situation?

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