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What’s in a hat?

As the analogy goes, I wear many hats. Between the hours of 6:00pm and 7:30am it is typically those of wife, mother, caregiver, supporter, best friend and confidant but from about 7:31am until the door slams behind my squealing kids entrance to our home, my hat switches to that of executive director, organizer, corralar, influencer, advocate, coach, mentor and volunteer.

About six years ago my husband was willingly wearing the hat of confidant as I poured out my dreams for future endeavors to him. The reoccurring theme was that I hoped one day we would be in situation where I could give of my time as a volunteer. Spending Monday’s working with one organization, Tuesday’s at another and so forth. But not just a volunteer, one that could make a difference in someone else’s life. I couldn’t even envision the opportunity for my family to afford the volunteer role in our schedule while still adhering to the hustle and bustle and responsibilities in front of us on a weekly basis coming anytime soon and at least not before our children were off to college.

Soon after that conversation shifts in our work careers began taking place. Unbeknown to us, pieces of a puzzle were being assembled. Today that puzzle is almost complete and has led to The First Tee of the Sandhills. A place where I get to spend my days planning and supporting the generosity of volunteers as we work with youth in our community on a weekly basis. Working with them to become better citizens through experiences on and off the golf course that utilize The First Tee’s Nine Core Values, character development, goal setting and so much more.

Daily I am privileged to wear the hats of an advocate, coach, mentor and volunteer.  A wish of mine that has been afforded to me many years in advance of when I thought was possible. But, to help to complete this puzzle I need more advocates…coaches…mentors… and volunteers. Individuals that believe in the outcome, that are eager to support the mission and that have a passion for youth.

Currently, The First Tee of the Sandhills has stretched the capacities of our committed volunteers to the limit and the knocks on the door from youth, families and other organizations are only growing. We want to be able to answer those knocks. To be able to say YES. To be able to invest in our communities and give back in an impactful way.

We need you! Currently we are in the midst of spring programs and are actively seeking interested individuals to begin working with, preparing and training to get involved this summer and beyond. As you can see, our volunteers can wear all different hats and come in various shapes and sizes. No volunteer must wear the hat of a golfer but they all must wear a smile, a passion for youth growth and carry words of encouragement.  So, I ask you, which hat would you like to try on for size?

We encourage those interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities to reach out and schedule a time to stop by our office or attend a program and observe our current volunteers in action. 

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